EMCCS and IBRO/PERC provided travel grants for selected students and young investigators to attend the EMCCS-FENS Satellite meeting in Milan.

GRANTS AWARDEES - 6th EMCCS-FENS Satellite Meeting 2014, Milan

Abstracts selected for oral presentation
1. Mr. Daisuke Nakayama. Ph.D. student, University of Tokyo-Laboratory of Chemical Pharmacology, Tokyo, Japan.
Communication: Dissociable requirement for rapid and late Arc/Arg3.1 synthesis in formation and persistence of fear memory.

2. Dr. Emma Puighermanal. Postdoctoral fellow, INSERM CNRS UM1-2, Montpellier, France.    
Communication: Role of the ribosomal protein S6 phosphorylation in the mouse brain.

3. Dr. PingAn YuanXiang. Postdoctoral fellow, Leibniz-Institut for Neurobiology, Magdeburg, Germany.
Communication: The synapto-nuclear protein messenger Jacob plays a role in activity-dependent synaptic plasticity.

Best poster presentation distinction
4. Ms. Estefanía Robles Lanuza. Ph.D. student, Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain.
Communication: Neurexin dysfunction in adult neurons causes reversible autistic-like behavior in mice.

5. Dr. Joana Simões Ferreira. Postdoctoral fellow, Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology – UC Coimbra, Portugal.
Communication: GluN2B-containing NMDA receptors regulate AMPA receptor traffic through anchoring of the synaptic proteasome.

6. Mr. Alec Lindsay Ward Dick. Ph.D. student, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne, Australia   
Communication: Adolescent toluene inhalation dynamically alters DNA methylation in rat prefrontal cortex.

7. Ms. Débora Masini. Ph.D. student, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
Communication: Cognitive and neuropsychiatric symptoms in a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease.

8. Dr. Takaaki Ozawa. Postdoctoral fellow, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Saitama, Japan.
Communication: Circuit interactions between amygdala and periaqueductal gray set the strength of fear memories.

9. Ms. Ksenia Toropova and Ms. Olga Ivashkina. EX-EQUO. Ph.D. students, NRC Kurchatov Institute - Department of Neurosciences, Moscow, Russia.
Communications: Mice form complex associative memory in the compound tone-light fear conditioning task and Selective c-fos expression in mouse associative and sensory cortices after memory acquisition and retrieval in compound fear conditioning task.

The EMCCS-FENS Satellite meeting in Milan is kindly supported by PERC-IBRO.

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