CARE - FENS/SfN Joint NHP Statement on primates in research

The responsible use of animals for biomedical research is a cornerstone for making progress in the understanding of the nervous system. Our understanding of everything from cellular and molecular signalling in neurons to circuitry and related complex behaviours is to a large extent built on animal-based studies. FENS, and its committee on animals in research (CARE), actively works to influence public and policy debates on animal research, and also to keep our colleagues informed about them.

Over the past years a major effort has been made to strengthen the link between FENS and SfN, as well as other societies around the globe, to promote knowledge and coordinate our messages about the central importance of animal studies in biomedical research, including neuroscience. Faced with increased pressure from animal rights extremists across Europe and in the US, FENS and SfN have therefore recently issued a joint position statement on the use of non-human primates in biomedical research.

It is important that this message is disseminated as broadly as possible to our colleagues and policy makers across Europe. Therefore from EMCCS and FENS, we request your help.
The FENS-SfN statement can be found at:

Posted on 2014-10-22 15:37:55