6th EMCCS-FENS meeting at Milan, July 2014



A satellite event of the FENS Forum 2014 at Milan

The 6th biannual EMCCS-FENS satellite meeting will be held in Milan on July 3rd and 4th, 2014 immediately before the FENS meeting. This year our program is especially ambitious and includes two days full of exciting science.

- Meeting will start at 14:30 on July 3th and finish at 18:30 on July 4th.
- There will be a total of 28 oral presentations divided in 6 sessions (2 on July 3rd and 4 on July 4th).

The list of confirmed speakers includes:
Ted Abel
(Penn University, USA), Schahram Akbarian (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA), Claudia Bagni(VIB-KU Leuven, Belgium), Erwan Bezard (CNRS-Université Bordeaux 2, France), Tiziana Borsello (IRFMN, Italy), Timothy Bredy (QBI-UoQ, Australia), Mauro Costa Mattioli (BCM, USA), Jose A. Esteban (CBMSO, Spain), Gilberto Fisone (KI, Sweden), Gianluigi Forloni (IRFMN, Italy), K. Peter Giese (King´s College London, UK), Jean-Antoine Girault (Inserm-UPMC, France), Eckart Gundelfinger (LIN, Germany), Marian Joëls (UMC Utrecht, Netherlands), Itamar Kahn (Technion, Israel), Hanoch Kaphzan (HU, Israel), Eric Klann(New York University, USA), Steven Kushner (Erasmus MC, Netherlands), Serge Laroche (CNRS-Université Paris-Sud, France), Andreas Lüthi (FMI, Switzerland), Tom McHugh (Riken BSI, Japan), Moshe Szyf (MacGill University, Canada) and Ofer Yizhar (Weizmann Institute, Israel)

- Five additional speakers will be chosen from submitted abstracts (deadline for abstract submission to be considered as a speaker is June 10th, but you can contact the meeting organizer if you are interested in presenting a poster after this deadline).

- Special sessions dedicated to:

Poster Session : Poster sessions will be held in the lobby of the meeting venue. Posters will be on display, from 13:00 in July 3rd to 20:00 in the evening of July 4th. *** Poster boards will have a landscape format, approximately 135 cm wide and 95 cm high. *** (same dimension than those used at FENS). 

Attendance to the meeting is free, but Meeting Registration requires Member/Guest login.
If you are an eligible Neuroscientist and want to become a member of EMCCS, you can apply using this link  (no membership fee!).

Organisers : Ángel Barco (Alicante, Spain), Riccardo Brambilla (Milano, Italy), André Fischer (Göttingen, Germany) and Kobi Rozenblum (Haifa, Israel).

Contact Person:

Riccardo Brambilla, BSc, PhD Director of ResearchMolecular Genetics of Behaviour Research UnitInstitute of Experimental Neurology (INSPE) 
Division of Neuroscience San Raffaele Scientific Institute and San Raffaele University 
Via Olgettina 58,20132-Milano, Italy
Phone : +39 022643 4876 (direct) / 4877 (lab) / 4721 (sec)
Fax : +39 02 2643 4767
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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